Tigers Are Not Afraid

Lucie Opltová
Dne 05.09.2019 o 18:13
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Tigers Are Not Afraid
Fantasy, Horror,
Mexico, 2019, 83 minut
V kinech od 01.01.2020
Objednat na ALZA.CZ
We are in some northern boarder. Any of them. All of them. Estrella is 10 years old and has 3 wishes: The first one, that her missing mother comes back and it happens. Her mother returns but she is dead and follows Estrella everywhere. Petrified, Estrella tries to scape from her by joining a gang orphaned by violence. Soon she realizes that dead are never left behind and when you are in the middle of brutality and violence, wishes never come true the way you want them to be.
Lucie Opltová hodnotí: 80%



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